STUDIOS MUSITEC is one of the largest and most economical rehearsal spaces in Montreal. Offering over 70 fully insolated, affordable, purposely built studios of various sizes. Perfect for rehearsal rooms. studio recording, conferences, dance classes, storage and various other purposes.

Rehearsal Studio

Well insulated, perfect for band rehearsals

Why is a rehearsal space for Montreal musicians so important & why choose STUDIOS MUSITEC ? Because we know that by allowing artists to customize their own rehearsal space to their unique needs, the creative energies will flow freely and ultimately they will produce better results.

Rehearsal Studio

Larger size rooms not only provide a perfect practicing evironment but actually
allow the band to recreate their live set up.

STUDIOS MUSITEC offers a clean, professional rehearsal experience with complete security and acoustically treated rooms. Studios of all sizes are available monthly, providing musicians with a range of options to suit their specific needs. Our larger rooms cater to bigger bands or those requiring more intricate set-ups.

Studio Recording

Room can be modifed so as to create a perfect recording room.  Some rooms already have a singing booth already built in

When looking for a rehearsal space, Montreal musicians often are limited to poorly run and badly soundproofed studios or playing at home where they have to watch for noise restrictions and complaining neighbors. When you practice at STUDIOS MUSITEC, you now have a rehearsal space where you can play as loud as you want!

Conference Room

Perfect for holding conferences. With a wide variety of small to large rooms, they can cater to different size audiences.

STUDIOS MUSITEC  offers a variety of rehearsal studio services and options to better suit the needs of any musician or artist. Studios Musitec is the choice of smart Montreal artists when they need a rehearsal space. Book a studio and see for yourself !

Storage Room

Rooms also available for storage